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    restaurant with limited service & limited menu (order should be given at least 4 hours before meal time & depends upon the availabilty of raw materials, Mainly Bengali cuisine along with few North Indian & Indochinese. No compromise with food quality whatever available.

    TRAVEL Assistance

    Ready Packages &Tailor made package can be arranged as per your convenience all over Dooars Packages include pick up & drop from station/airport

    Food & lodging,Sight seeing 

    Car Rental

    Car Available For Hire : Maruti / Sumo / Spacio / Bolero

    Hiring Options : Daily Basis - With Fuel/Dry car/ Point to Point Fare.

    Forest safari & watch tower entry permit:- Information

    Ready Packages &Tailor made package can be arranged as per your convenience all over Dooars Packages include pick up & drop from station/airport

    Food & lodging,Sight seeing 

    Guest Rules & Regulation

    In Order to make your stay as pleasant as possible, the Management requests your co-operation in observing the following as an agreement between the guest and “Sujan Resdency” under which rooms are permitted to be used by the guest(s). It shall be deemed that a Guest has agreed with the hotel rules upon taking over a hotel room which the Guest occupies in accordance with the booking, initially placed.

    • Check-In / Check-Out : Check-In Time is 12:00pm. Check Out time is 11:00 am. Please inform the reception if you wish to retain your room beyond this time. Extension will be given depending on the availability.
    • Tariff : Guests should ascertain the tariff/ room rate applicable to their room at the time of Check-In. The room tariff is not inclusive of any charges for food &beverages or any other services availed by guests and these will be payable as per consumption. Extra guest charges will be payable as per the prevailing tariffs. The extra guest charge will be levied irrespective of whether extra bed is used or not. However extra guest charges for amaximum of two children under the age of twelve will not be payable while occupying rooms let out to their parents/ guardians
    • Proof Of Identity : All guests are required to provide the hotel with a valid, proof of identity and proof of address like, Passport / Voters Identity card / Driving License / Aadhar. PAN cards are not acceptable as ID proof.
    • Settlement Of Bills: Bills must be settled on presentation either by cash or valid credit card. Cheques are not accepted.
    • Guest's Belongings : Visitors are requested to lock their rooms when going out or going to bed. Sujan Resdency will not in any way whatsoever, be responsible for the loss of guest’s belongings or any other property not entrusted to the Management or for damage thereof, whether due to neglect, of hotel employee, or agents or any other cause whatsoever, including theft or pilferage. If any abandoned luggage or lost and found items are not claimed by the guest after a maximum storage period of 30 calendar days, the Management has the right to dispose of these items.
    • Strictly Prohibited : During their stay or visit to the “Sujan Resdency” the guests are strictly prohibited to.

    • - leave unauthorized persons in the room, and give them a room key;
      - keep bulky items, flammable materials, weapons, chemical and radioactive substances or mercury;
      - keep the animals in the room;
      - be in an alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
      - Causing any type of disorder, vandalism, hostile behaviour, disturbance, notorious misconduct, breach of peace, or any act that might alter the calm, quiet, rest and privacy that guests expect to enjoy during their stay at the TD.
      - Being rude or aggressive towards other guest, companions, visitors of the TD, TD staff, whether management or not, and even towards their own companions.
      - Carrying our acts of violence, psychic or moral intimidation, any sort of abuse, making threats whether justified or not, and spark any act, exclamation or expression that may affect the honor, prestige and psychic integrity of any recipient of these Regulations or of any TD employee.
      - Damaging or deteriorating, in whole or in part, the TD installations, assets, services and supplies.
      - Bringing firearms, or other arms, or any type of explosives of any sort to the TD without express
      permission, or omitting to report them or having possession of them, without exception.
      - Causing loud sounds that might bother other guests or disturb the peace and quiet that should reign at the TD.
      - Removing items from guest rooms or moving them to other places in the hotel is prohibited
      - Installation of any foreign item in to guest rooms or any part of our building is prohibited
      - Hanging of any items in guest room windows that might ruin the beauty of our hotel appearance is prohibited
      - Ordering and delivery of food from outside our hotel is prohibited
    • Guest Liability : The guest are requested to check on entry, all Linen, bedding, furniture, and electronic installations, and report immediately in case of any abnormalities. – The guests are liable to pay any damages, accidental or intentional committed by the guest, pertaining to the under-mentioned aspects :
      1]. Stained / Torn Linen (Bedsheet / Covers / Towel)
      2]. Electronic & Electrical Installations.
      3]. Washroom Faucets.
      4]. Furniture
      - To avoid any such liabilities that may arise, below are some suggestions.
      1]. Please avoid taking food to the rooms, and consuming the same sitting on the bed.
      2]. Avoid wiping of spilled items, using towel / linen.
      3]. Avoid chewing pan masala / tobacco or smoking while on the bed.
      4]. Please take help of the staff, for operation of gadgets and fittings.
    • Managements'sRights : It is agreed that the guest will conduct him/ herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance or annoyance within the hotel premises . The Management has the right to request any guest to vacate his/her room or other areas of the hotel forthwith, without previous notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, and the guest shall be bound to vacate when requested to do so. The Hotel's Administration reserves the right to enter the room without agreement with the guest in case of smoke, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of the Hotel Accommodation Rules, public order, the order of household appliances' use.
    • Amendment Of Rules: The management reserves the right to add, to alter and to amend any of the above terms, conditions and rules.